Ok, so this is a first. In many respects. Aided and abetted by my fellow Swedish movie bloggers I decided to try and take a few very small and wobbly baby steps into the international world of movie blogging.

Not only is this almost the first time I ever partake in a live phenomenon like this, it is also the first post ever written in English on my otherwise Swedish blog. The initiative for this event comes from the movie blogger Fandango, at Fandango Groovers Movie Blog.

His proposal was simply this: pick a favourite year for movies and back your decision with five movies from that year. Problem is, there are so many really good movies spread out over the years, that for me, it is impossible to pick a favourite year. I’m simply too much of an indecisive character for that. Still, I do believe that I have finally homed in on a very good one.

I really don’t know why, but the 90’s managed to elbow its way to the front of the line. There were so many strong years during this decade and for some reason they tended to be pretty genre specific. Nonetheless, a choice had to be made, regardless of how many darlings that had to be guillotined in the process.

So here it is, a top notch movie year and the five movies (in no particular order) that proves it: 1993.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
One of my all-time highs, this movie was the reason I started to look into which other movies that had premiered during this year. A perfect combination of fancy, excitement and sweetness. And that hard-to-beat christmasy feeling.

In the Name of the Father
Interesting and moving story coupled with fantastic performances from both Daniel Day-Lewis and Pete Postlethwaite, this movie contains one of the few scenes that are guaranteed to make me cry.

Jurassic Park
Perhaps still one of the most exciting movie experiences of my life (no, I did not catch Avatar in 3D) and an excellent soundtrack by the trusted John Williams. The dinosaurs came alive on that screen and with Ivanhoe being the most fun thing happening on a lot of childhood New Year’s Days, I’ve always had a soft spot for Sam Neill.

I’m not overly fond of Westerns but this one swept me off my feet. And the reason for that spells Val Kilmer and Michael Biehn. The mental combat between the consumptively pale and sweaty Doc Holliday and the bad-to-the-bone Johnny Ringo is magnificent. And on top of that Sam Elliot. In a handle bar moustache. Say no more…

Groundhog Day
A geniously simple idea that the movie manages to make very much of and Phil’s mental journey is both hilarious and touching. Bill Murray is at his most cynical and Andie McDowell is incredibly sweet.

Runners up which prove 1993 to be an even more excellent movie year:
Age of Innocence
Benny and Joon
Demolition man
Falling Down
The Fugitive
Manhattan Murder Mystery
Much Ado About Nothing
The Piano
Schindler’s List
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape